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Coach Pamz

“Coach Pamz” is the story of Paul “Pamz” Rivera, a coach in the world of New York City street football, a tough inner-city sport that sprang out of East Harlem and the Bronx 40 years ago. The film chronicles Pamz’s early troubles and subsequent triumphs as he devotes himself to rallying his team and rectifying his past.

Shortlisted for the Cannes Young Director Award 2016 - Changing the World Frame by Frame

Honoree in the 2017 Webby Awards

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Director: Bennett Johnson
Producer: Gregory Horoupian, Bennett Johnson
DP: David Kruta
1st AC: Andi Romansky
2nd AC: Chad Young
PA: Rosalie Visceglia
Editor: Jeremy Huff
Colorist: Ashley Ayarza
Color Production Coordinator: Jamie Noto
Color Prod Co: Nice Shoes
Sound Designer: Kirk Pearson
Production Company: All:Expanded

A massive thank you to Coach Pamz, Skip Capture, Chuck, Moya, Carver Mobb, Lou, Emi Stewart, Sam Campodonico-Ludwig, AbelCine and Isaac Solotaroff.

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